OnlyZAMs Monthly

OnlyZAMs Monthly

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The monthly subscription for freaks and weirdos, which is every disc golfer, though they may not know it yet.  Each month you'll receive a disc and a pile of creativity from me unlike anything out there. The contents may evolve but I'm starting with:

  • an art disc
  • a zine
  • a sticker pack

The disc will feature a stamp designed by me and will be sourced from Mint Discs, with MVP possibly on the horizon, and maybe more. Stickers will feature text and artwork related to the Keep Disc Golf Weird universe.

The zine is a new endeavor for my disc golf audience. Zines are self-published pamphlets/comics/magazines with a rich history in counter-culture art and social movements. The internet beats zines at reach and cost, but the zine will never be beat in tactile DIY flavor-vibes. Now that everything is sharable and scrolled and swiped away, this is my way of puttin' somethin' weird in your hands.

Please keep your shipping address current in your user profile :)

Disc color/weight preferences can be added as a note on your order.  You can be vague, you can be granular.  Me personally, I like black putters and lighter color mids/drivers, and prefer a good contrast with the foil colors. You let me know and I'll do my best to pick the best pick available.

Plastics will be focused on premium plastics as they stamp with the best detail. If a given month features a less expensive tier of plastic, I'll compensate that value with extra stickers and/or art items. Maintaining the value of the contents is important to me and they'll be balanced on a per-edition basis.